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(a) for adoption and more informal relationships
(s) for one of the parents being biological
(c) for clones and magically created kids
(gr) for grandchild
(d) for a descendant
(*999*) for which reality they're from - using reality numbers given by

Reality names given HERE
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Parent/Guardian 1Parent/Guardian 2Child
Adler, Irene
Chase, Justine

Adler, Irene/Destiny Darkholme, Raven Anna Marie/Rogue Anna Marie/ Amalgam(69798) Amalgam(616 timetraveller) Anna Marie/Legacy(a)(11326)
Allan, Liz Lyman (Osborn), Harry Osborn, Normie

Allan, Mrs. Dukes, Frank Allan, Teddy/Blob(s)(1610)
Allan, Liz/Firestar(1610)

Allerdyce, St. John
Pierce, Jason/Ember (brainwashed to believe)

Altman, Teddy Kaplan, Billy Kaplan-Altman, Katie(13729)

Amaquelin, Crystalia

Amaquelin, Crystalia Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Luna Maximoff, Luna(9997) Maximoff, Luna(98)

Amaquelin, Crystalia Storm, Johnny Storm, Raymond/Cosmic Ray(98) Storm, Rainbow(8610)

Amaquelin, Medusalith Boltagon, Blackagar Boltagon, Ahura Boltagon, Ahura/ Black Knight(9997)

Amaquelin, Medusalith Braddock, Brian Boltagon, Ahura/Black Knight(s)(9997)

McKenzie, Namor
Ove (20368)

Odinson, Thor Thorson, Magni(3515) Blake, Balder/Bravado(9811)

von Doom, Victor
von Doom, Vincent/Malefactor(9811)

Anelle Mar-Vell Altman, Theodore/Hulkling

Angrboda Laufeyson, Loki Fenris Wolf Jormungard Hela/Leah(created)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Lebeau, Remy Lebeau, Olivier(41001) Lebeau, Rebecca/Ray(41001) "Anna Marie"/No-Name(a)(41001) Lebeau, boy(1015)
Anna Marie/Rogue
Lehnsherr, Erik Lehnsherr, Charles(295) Lehnsherr, Magnus(27) Plague(1043)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Logan boy(1015)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Rasputin, Piotr Rasputin, boy(1015) Rasputin, kids(1022)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Rogers, Steve Rogers, Sarah/Crusader(9811)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Summers, Scott Summers, girl(1015)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Wagner, Kurt
Wagner, boy(1015)

Anna Marie/Rogue
Worthington, Warren Worthington, girl(1015)

Astra Lehnsherr, Erik Joseph(c)

Reality names given HERE
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