IPA Keyboard

I use the International Phonetic Alphabet a lot, study historical linguistics, and create conlags, so I designed a keyboard layout that would allow me to type almost every Latin Unicode character, as well as a variety of other characters that interested me.

For an idea of what 'almost every Latin Unicode character' means:

For more detailed documentation of what this keyboard supports, and how to use it, here's my Guide

Because it's designed to work for a LOT of characters, this keyboard is rarely going to be the simplest way to type a specific one. There are definitely IPA-only keyboards that will be more efficient for typing just IPA. And this keyboard isn't a font. There will be characters that don't show up - I've yet to find one that supports the entire range of characters this keyboard allows. Doulos SIL is my suggested font, especially if you use a lot of diacritics, but you might want to look around to find the one that supports you best.

But it's a powerful tool if you want to be able to switch between multiple transliteration and transcription systems in the same document, explore characters to use for non-human sounds, discuss the history of transcribing language, or quickly type special characters without opening 'insert symbols' dialogue boxes.

This is a Keyman keyboard. You'll need to install Keyman before being able to use it. Keyman is a free program with some amazing keyboards, and a lot of supports for people designing them for underserved languages. I've been really happy with it for almost a decade, now.

Download IPA Keyboard.kmp

For ideas about what else I could add, or suggestions for better key combos for specific characters, please contact me at kiragecko at gmail.com